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Originally Posted by Eversick666 View Post
Big baby jesus i can't wait...nigga FUCK THAT...
fuck off you little prick

you hid-those-inner-truths big-nose-nigga-poof
krs one, you're strange-as-hell-dun
this nigga raekwon sounds like a rapist when beatboxing
no vocal chord mastery, nigga keeps coughing

this fagggot eminem brings another worthless child onto the planet
this wigga got no rhythm, in a beatbox battle i do damage
your an ugly fuckling with a mongol voice
you and bieber are teh #1 role models for white boyz

ill crush your puny american frame
out the game your worthless and on the whole infact your a little strange
your extistance is pitiful Em, listen as i drop another gem
you want to fuck with me do it in person, theres robot tank, but im the schizo version
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