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It doesn't talk about killing like alot of people would have you believe. And I believe the verse O is talking about says not to take Christians and Jews as friends OVER MUSLIMS. This I would take as not making alliances against other Muslims with them.

I have a good book that discusses these verses, "Understanding the Quran."

Alot of those verses are cited out of context. Besides this, the Bible is more violence filled than the Koran will ever be.

Also, remembering the historical context of the Quran, Muhammed was given the book which the people would accept, other wise it would have been useless anyways. Verse 4:34 about striking a wife....the story that surrounds this is that a guy hit his wife. Muhammed took the wife infront of everyone and said strike him back. This shamed him. Gabriel said to him afterwards that he should remember he is dealing with Arab men who are proud, and that he would lose them in this manner. That's why the verse was included. But it's also strongly put forth that its a last measure and Hadith says "the best of you don't strike your wives."

I am not saying the Koran totally lacks any type of violence, but I have even come accross totally INVENTED verse on this internet just to discredit it.
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