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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

Razor sharp gillotines blood gush the scene
Radiant minds that ignite take one for the team
Stars scream as darts end visual dreams on scene
It's obscene minds collide over premature deaths
The birth an obsession a suction hold length And girth
Caskets are closed souls are robbed bodies dumped my turf
Red and green blood over money it's funny not Allen green
I gave you metaphors and prose u ignored yo destiny u chose
murder each last one of y'all spit my weapon of choice
It's the words that caught u off guard u died and heard my voice
Hells gates are this way hell this way eardrums popped off the heat
24 hours to live but you idiots thought live on stage
This ain't a blog into the fog I led you deadly gaseous odours
To the promised land I have led you fast lane posh two doors
No survivors just u n me these gates await meet yo maker
On yo heard u fell tombstone between knees the Undertaker
Pealing yo skin I saw those horns the snakely tail in chilly detail
The grimmly voice the slimy skin RIP those demons got you
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