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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

am i
schizophrenic or am i experiencing a shamanic initiation thats real
why does it feel that psychiatrists just dont know the deal
schizophrenia is a label for forms of behaviour they don't understand
indigenous peoples know im half here and half in spirit land
i imagine my left and right brain hemispheres as two turntables that play
except i'm a beatboxer so i've got no limitations that way
Infinite potential got more hip to my hop than a frog
"will space probes (satellites) in the next century discover Extraterrestrial (Billy) Analogue"
after 2012 the world will be more dream-like
you might see me flying through the air with ET on a green bike
I'm coming around to do long-term damage
My fist and foot will leave Strong-men Sandwiched
you can plot or connive if you want to see me free-fall
you'll never reach the top like a fat kid on a see saw
wu tang,
big bad ahmed saws off your leg and i gnaw at the stump
i'm like a Speedboat pulled up to the Titanic the way i make your 'crew jump'

The Shaman's view of Schizophrenia

Too ill for yall
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