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Cool I am too ill today

I used to walk round the graveyard and a name would pop into my head
then 10 steps later i see the same name on a grave, askin' myself can i speak to the dead?
like Shamans i communicate with spirits to make deals
but unlike shamans i've had access to more drugs, ya feel?
in my life i've had psychoactives delivered straight to my door
even taken chemicals that gave me powers that'll leave you floored
name another nigga who can create hallucinations and snap them on camera
took foreign plants to communicate with nature, thats how im slammin' ya
true knowledge cannot be written down in books
illuminati and freemasons hide their knowledge thinking they illuminated, but infact they shook
higher brain functions allowing access to the inner workings of the universe
i've seen ufo's multiple different times, experience destroying theories of you stupid nerds
99% of all 2012 theories are false, ask the mayans
So at least informations free on the net cus your bullshit i sure as hell aint buying
i once took Fly Agaric and Psylocybin mushrooms together in a brew
and imagined what if each created a hallucinary army of killa shrooms
hallucination vs hallucination in my mind, with me the god to witness it
to do this was stupid but it helps me imagine crazy mortal kombat style finishers
most humans like GZA think we're at the peak of civilisation
that evolution is over and we're 1000 times better than ancient civilisations
"they primitive, right?" GZA thinks to advance shit
we need to make more advanced technology and explore planets in space ships
when we get to our next planet, we'll kill all life like we do here
GZA i think you and the scientists are a cool dudes
Stephen hawking wants when he dies to stay alive
Put his brain in a glass jar with water hooked up to a supercomuter to stay alive
That shit is sick nigga, want to know my response man?
Die.. then reincarnate with a decent body and learn how to dance

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