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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

Lyrical props these pips weren't ready to give me props/
So I sought from the highest priest these mcs became my feast/
Rhyme after rhyme I devoured every line till hulk green and lime/
Yes it's my time all dues to the God of War I throw darts on his line/
failed to pick up no one at the end of the tone flesh no my mic is a bone/
burn down the weary telling tales lyrical gods no these tales are fairy/
Knees and prayers chants and omens shovel and picks no all hail marry/
The fire burns no heat was felt only gold chains drowning the bearer underwater souls will melt /
out for the title to be remembered like Michael but to go out with the title/
lights out the glow sparks and ignites rhymers hearts only the Corp will save lyrical arks
bibilical sriptures encrypted with three 6's
time to call God his number not listed
don get it twisted i bring forth a critical vision
to cast fear and yeild man is the devil's mission
besides the lord i fought to defend the lords FORT..

..............Jahny Jigler

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