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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

Uri Geller was holding a crystal skull for a photo
acting like it was some kind of fashion show
he knows, the crystal skulls are a type of super computer
containing the origins of existance, i shoot ya
name another man with the right type of mind today
who could use these and i mean me, i don't play
GZA, Canibus and Eminem are three intelligent men
but they are all left-brained people, thats where their smarts stem
alot of psychics like to hold the skulls and thats strange
psychic powers are merely contained within the 6th circuit of the brain
and there's 8, i activated number 8 with an out-of-body-experience
on salvia, and spoke to advanced beings with odd appearance
but there was a trade-off however and it sucked
now i'm temporarily ill mentally and have a demon that wants to kick my butt
but pain is pleasure, my brains my treasure
i've been through dimensions that you could never
I've wandered dark paths and saw a ghoul and a shadow creature
when i heal, ill outperform your mind and it's primitive features
why are the skulls kept in museums
if i can use them their mine, they shouldnt be kept in cages for you to see them
why do you allow the government and illuminati to exist
all they want to do is hold us back with their wack vision of the future having ours dismissed
the government used to attack me with satellites from a distance
but they never dared come see me in the streets so they couldnt stop my mission
so what am i your probably asking yourself while pulling out yo clapper
am i the psychic, haunted, alien, robot or supernatural rapper?
theres intelligent people on this planet who need to be hung in a court
they believe after 2012 we'll be able to levitate and teleport
all the ancient leaders of different civilisations never left earth completely
they were all waiting around till this day just so they could see me
and i'm here to say
Wu-Tang was good until i grew up and saw through their creepy little play
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