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BullsTV put together a commercial that has me hyped up for the game tonight.

Bulls just need to come out strong and prove they are an elite team even with Rose out with an injury.

Actually, the Bulls can win

Thibodeau spent the morning hammering one central message to his team and that is: They need to simply do their job, that no one should try to make up for the loss of Rose, that no one's role should change.

"I think it comes back to who you are as a team," Thibodeau said. "I don't want us to change. [You must] stay with what you are as a team and for us, it's the defense, it's the rebounding, keeping our turnovers low, inside-out. Whether it's off the dribble or through the post-up, the ball has to hit the paint.
And the final thing is sharing the ball."
also Sam Smith put up some good statistics that make you realize it isn't just hype.

Playing without Rose, and extending that over an entire season, the Bulls at 18-9 would have had the second best record in the Eastern Conference. Their 7.5 per game differential would have been No. 1 in the NBA. The 86.4 points per game they gave up would have been No. 1. Their rebounding differential of 7.7 per game would have been No. 1. Their 56 rebounds per game would have been No. 1 by 10 per game. Their 22.6 assists per game would have been fifth.
So this Bulls team is not just a sky without a star. Itís a whole new world starting Tuesday
The stats the BULLS have put up without Rose on the floor are nice. And some fools on here were even joking about how the Bulls were better without Rose earlier this year. Where did those guys disappear to?

UPDATE: Popovich coach of the year

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