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Check the score, baby, I'm Martin Scorcese but even more crazy/
ain't a sweetie can sway me, I'ma roll sweezys til I'm swayze/
easy peasy payments, I hit the pavement and then they pay me/
dope deals determine dollas daily, so the PD gotta hate me/
haters berate me, but still buy these onions for three hunnit/
need money? slam grams for twenty, keep comin and re-uppin/
two hits of the weed, and I guarantee that you gon be blunted/
if you find a single seed, bring it back to me and get refunded/
I got weight like Chris Farley, Jamaican kush called Piff Marley/
I sip barley, a sick Sicarii, sickle in my cell, a sig's on me/
forged from steel, I'm Lauryn Hill, forced to kill a pig softly/
sweat drips harshly from the Serengetti sun on a Sahara safari/
I'm partially Rastafari, not sorry if I scuff a sucka's Mauris/
these muthafuckas aren't me, I hardly squash beef like Barkley/
knock ya teeth on the red carpet then chief beneath the marquee/
please don't believe the malarky, everything that gleam ain't sparkly/
see, regardless how it seem, it was simply a starry night dream/
that you could ever scheme to question my genes as a Elohim king/
I'm steamed, you better never ever send an accusation to my race/
I'm from the ghetto, a devil could never see his reflection in my face/
so run back to the mountain graves and caves from where yo ass came/
before I become enraged and enslave every man with yo last name/
whole fam marked with my brand, til you come eye to eye like a man/
and I slap you right where you stand with the white side of my hand....
Image is everything except the truth.
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