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Originally Posted by MAGMA View Post
If I saw something that I did not meant to see and it turned me into what it was that I was not meant to see then I'd know who I was because I would now be the object and being the object would allow me to work out what I was and what I did not know when I saw that something so I would not have to ask someone as they wouldn't know what I was as they had not seen what I saw and what I have turned into so the confusion would clear as I studied what something I had become and I would remember what I had become because I would remember that but why wasn't I meant to see this something to begin with?

you never saw it. you just turned into it and you didn't know who you were because you never saw what you became and your friend didn't recognize you anymore so he wasn't your friend and you couldn't ask him who you were before you turned into that thing that you wasn't supposed to see before you saw it so there is nothing to remember anymore because your new memory is from the thing you turned into
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