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jahnyjigler crouching tigerjahnyjigler crouching tiger

Sheep U killing em! Peace

Poisonless fangs hanging guerrilla chest banging vice grip anaconda
Paddle draculla coffin Amazon meander chasing f with my team u's a gonna we own streets what the f is a corner hyperdrive star trex on cops
Return on spot before they switch gears chains resemble chandeliers
Veins juiced green and hulk needle pointless actual fiction and pulp
powder even the feds want it puffy club shooting even Feds want it
A couple beneath the garment I reveal two hookers takin turns sucking
Stapleton sex even Ghost rap it these are the streets everybody coming
Guns on deck money on set dice on the roll cards on the shuffle
Pimps on the stroll 6's on the board hookers on patrol this is the hustle
we are the streets high tech and intellect geeks surf the Internet
We are the streets the take over is imminent.
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