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Default Now i'm on that advanced tip

yo my mic captures damage
let me do this (dedicate to Life)

spit radioactivity
maybe yo hack mimic me
stereo smack vividly
shady foe can't live it see

yo Aero Dynamic
Don't Dare go, i slam it
a symphony orchestra
the sympathy offerer

imperial march, inferior darts
i'm here to depart interior hearts

i'm a survivor with the eye of a tiger
la-cinderella's face on the garden wall has one eye of a spider
i'm part man, half haunted, part tree, adorn this
part beast that bytes this, the machine that form bits
a universal abomination
spit to shoot a verse that'll storm the nation
and warn the ancients i spawned with satan

a digital digeredoo
your just a biblical, gimmick thats through
i build with canibus in my citadel that's very ancient
listening to Perry Mason looking at many paintings (macros)

i storm and form a long gaze, looking all ways
differenciated differences, i refer to many instances
i lag ya pc and i brag in 3d the dragon see's me
delete completely, i laugh and he he

you never think freely

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