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oh shit nigha, this is too ill!!

i aint rap to be no flashy faggot like tech n9ne
all i wanna do is describe an experience in a rhyme
syllables, metaphors, real rhyme editor
i go to another dimension and back, styles make it better for
you to understand all the shit that i'm going through
even with all my techniques you still can't get what i'm showing you

i aint draw shit for you who need everything sugar coated
you want everything shiny but thats fake, you can quote this

my art allows me to express a higher dimension down to you low lifes
i put you in a trance state whenever i hold mics
you want everything fine tuned and perfected down to a T
but believe me, that weak shit aint reality

i run both sides of the brain, creative and logical
rap computer designs, symbolism, i even rhyme comical
50 percent of todays population can't even control the third circuit
i say fear, stupidity, ignorance and hating are the main culprit
(humanity in general)

even higher beings hate me, but they still watch contently
my future self is king so i can eat plenty

my art is not there to be read in critical ways
if you cannot see the hidden brush strokes, dissing me is yourself getting played

i'm the last poet alive who can show you the truth
when the NWO takes over, artists will turn methodical and disappear like POOF

[they want more son]

they want commands and rules, but no art they fools
no slang, you must communicate through the language of tools
no joy, no fun only laws and lies
how come there isnt any paintings on the starship enterprise
no more strolls through parks, or getting fresh air on a bike
what kind of art do you think bush, obama and the pope like?
i bet they like that funny painting of god and his son pointing fingers
at each other, blaming each other on whose fault it is the NWO's stink still lingers
it takes a real man to the fucking job done
when i see david rockefeller he better run

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