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[oh man, this is that nigga that used to think that the voice on shadow boxin' was sayin 'Omen']

on the spaceship you'll lose alot of things you don't value
until god see's you and asks himself what are you

you'll be on the spaceship till your finally gone
ya torn, and it won't be until your grandkids are born
that the ship finally lands on solid grounds
so you want to be stuck in a spaceship where your soul is bound?

its shit on the spaceship everythings metal
no trees, no bees, no nature no petals
synthetic foods, artificial and fake
how many more rhymes do i have to make
..until the picture is real
the soul needs to breathe too and it does want to feel

when hiphop was born, the rhythm was the rebel
it even touched the heart of the devil and made him feel special
if 2012 is anything like the way hiphop formed
then i might aswell say a new star is born

we cant just take the scientists approach and document the changes
we must feel the change and the most popular hiphop will def. be the strangest
it aint about keeping it real no more
the re-emergence of spiritual energy will put the fake on the floor

"why should man believe in spirits if he doesn't need to?"
"how can we believe in something that's see-through"
some people don't believe in things until it affects them
we're waiting upon an event that finally connects them
all types of life are connected, dont cut yourself short
i've experienced ufo's, spirits, demons, shadow creatures and things of that sort
the earth is living too, so what energy lives within you?
are you going to let the illuminati drain this till its no longer true?

some people are materialistic and seem to succeed in life
rich familes produce what the government consider's right
some people go to uni or college
and think they're intelligent cus they can simply regurgitate the knowledge
but they aint got it in em, no natural talent
the illuminati have got you within the grip of their talons
this here structure is about to collapse
and i'm right here waiting to fill in the gaps

i trained my mind as a weapon using hiphop as a tool
this style here is something unlike you get in school
alliteration and consonance, multisyllable rhymes
imagery, metaphors, analogies are billy analogues crimes
the art of freestyle, i aim for the stars
i aint know what String Theory was until i heard Canibus 100 bars

i started smoking cannabis and read books like jermaine
but the plants taught me the most knowledge i know it sounds strange
now i cant take drugs cus im on medication, can't abuse it
but like a shaman still can get into trance states using tobacco and music
then i start writing these rhymes like killa sin
niggaz never knew, but im the god of planet x, Linstidind

[too much knowlege man!]
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