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Default Mood - Doom (1997)

I'm really surprised there isn't a review thread for this album yet. Slept on '97 classic from Cincinnati, Ohio's "Mood". The album features the production debut of DJ Hi-Tek, and also features Talib Kweli and Sunz of Man.

Main Flow and Donte's apocalyptic imagery meshes well with Jahson's dark production.

Doom (1997)
1. Esoteric Manuscripts
2. Info For The Streets
3. He Is Dj Hi-tek
4. Karma
5. The Vision
6. Tunnel Bound
7. Nuclear Hip-hop (Ft. Talib Kweli)
8. Another Day
9. Sacred - Pt. 1 (Ft. Talib Kweli)
10. Peddlers Of Doom (Ft. Talib Kweli)
11. Millenium
12. Babylon The Great
13. Peace Infinity (Ft. Talib Kweli)
14. Secrets Of The Sand
15. Illuminated Sunlight (Ft. Sunz of Man)
16. Industry Lies (Ft. Talib Kweli)
17. No Ordinary Brother
18. Cincinnati


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