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Default My proposed new element for hip-hop

My new element of hip-hop

I know it's hard for larvals (primitive homosapiens) to understand but i can sometimes at will close my eyes and see cartoons in my mind and i can simply think of transformers or thundercats and see them clearly.

I can also sometimes at will play a song in my head and i can cut it to different sections like a dj might and can control it

so i propose a new element of hiphop so that when the Intel computers that can read your mind come into public sector that i can stand on stage with a helmet on and i will create a music video and battle larval DJ's

i will also on stage take drugs like weed or mushrooms (this is when my healing is complete, doctor) and they will allow me to add special effects to the music much better than any producer can do and better than any cheap dj trick like scratching, leaving Rahzel like "damn thats a little advanced"

Who should i speak to about this?

My Element.

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