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WooHa drunken mastaWooHa drunken masta

U Shoulda Made a Phone Call (first verse)

best quote:
You upset 7 seven days, you mad weak
I get more ass then a taxi, (the backseat)!
I slap the ass of a bad freak n make a palmreader read my future from the print i left on her ass cheek!

Tech n9ne - Sickology 101

best quote:
Wordplay rhymes with Thursday and thirsty - if I'm thirst-ay!
I change the pronunciation of words, per se
The English language got to do whatever my verse say

Joe Budden - Slaughter House

best quote:
I donít write, I kill a pen leak his blood on the page
I breathe bars, like oxygen locked my lungs in a cage
Instrumentals get fucked on the stage, a pedophile
Unless i dig in the crates and fuck with somethiní my age

Slaughterhouse - Killaz

best quote:
For instrumentals I dig a grave
Then drop so many bars around you when you listen feel like you in a cage
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