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Originally Posted by Shogah View Post
For me it's the 80's because it's simply boring. All those crappy outdated programmed drums and synths and boring arrangements, plus in order to make songs more futuristic and modern, producers lost all the organic touch that earlier music had.(plus the abolition of vinyl and introduction of digital technology)

Best music for me was in the 70's because it had all the old flavor from earlier decades(jazz, soul, funk) combined with inovations(progressive rock, jazz fusion, electronic) that were exploited much more in later decades.

90's is all about Hip Hop and Rage against the machine. And prodigy.
Do you honestly believe, that with the advent of synthesisers, anyone making music using acoustic instrumentation just said "fuck it, this is the 80s, we have to start using machines"? I bet you don't like Prince

Originally Posted by Mumm Ra View Post
and I wanna know if the people voting 50s can even name a song from that era without google lol
Name some seminal albums from the 50s that aren't Jazz... If you happen to not like Jazz, Lounge, Bluegrass, Country or the beginnings of Rock, the 50s is a pretty lackluster period for music. I guess the 50s was the start of soul music to an extent, but i much prefer the soul from the 60s and 70s. I listen to some Jazz from the 50s but that's it. And i'd say i'm more likely to listen to jazz albums from the 60s.

Originally Posted by KEARNY ZZYZWICZ View Post
80's for sure, I occasionally enjoy some phil collins, but I still realise that objectively it's shitty pop music.

I'm assuming the people voting for the 50's are doing so because they aren't familiar with the music?
Suggest some that aren't Jazz.

Originally Posted by noel411 View Post
Wow, I thought the 80's was gonna dominate this poll by a huge margin. I think a lot of people are voting from a hip hop or even pop music perspective, in which case yes, the 2000's is a fair choice. But like that other dude said, there is plenty of good 2000's music out there if you look for it. I personally don't really listen to modern music at all. I'm a 60's/70's fan. But a lot of music I heard through the 2000's sounded pretty decent. I'm talking about proper bands here. Not the pop garbage they play on commercial radio.

But the main thing is that the 2000's did not have a general offensive sound or vibe like the 80's did. Though there was some great music in the 80's, the general sound of that era was horrible and has aged terribly. I would almost say it's inarguable that music from the 80's has aged worse than any other period of music. The only other period you could really argue has aged worse would be the 50's and maybe the early 60's.

It's most noticable when you actually listen to the discography of a band or artist who has been around since the 60's or 70's and through to the 2000's, and their 80's albums are the only unlistenable work they've put out. I've encountered a few bands/artists like that.

Also, it's not really relevant to the discussion, but the look of 80's music, like the presentation of musicians, was also absolutely horrible and unforgivable. Again I would say inarguably worse than any other period.
Who gives a shit about "the presentation of musicians"? Did you see what musicians were wearing in the 70s? The 80s was great.


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