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its really a mix of what conversations were like in my Hood. which is Bell Gardens , Ca . 20 miles south east of downtown L.a. . . see how we fucked around with everyone . for example Webb as in C-webb, . i call my cousin and his friends that cuz they all had the same chris webber eyebrows. it was the style in l.a. back in the day . if u cant get this poem , its cool . my homies know . mad slang and styles of how we use to talk . damn i just laughed out loud. oops sorry i know . i forgot what the c g g s means , but i think it has to do with a commonly named last name in the suburbs of l.a called the I.e. , aka the Inland Empire. i call them toys, they hate on L.a. but us L.a 's dont know why . im not even a gangster but u can tell when someone is I.e. , the look and act of people. i also think they got an accent but in English . its like saying my childhood memories of good times for me back in the day . circa cash mo - u get it . the end is just like the type of girls i like now a days. an example , a mexico v j named natalia , which is on Telehit , its like an m t v but in mexico . that bitch is bomb. its like im saying whats up to mexico . dj quik , snoop dogg is my uncle who is mexican but looks like both , imagine suga free. i forgot what t b s meant but its cool. i love L.a. , not even non L.a territory can change me . crazy . east side till i die . y no soy mexican gangster , im just a poet . see the difference , l. a is the poem, what im telling u is the i e , i dont get it and never will , i tell them in rhyme u guys got it, just do it , sucks man , they hate on L.a. so much , why but fuck it . no gang bang just lyrics . i dont want to think of it ,, L.a. , L.a , . thank u mom for my childhood. it was crazy .
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