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Originally Posted by Luz View Post
Just so you know.... that ancient aliens guy is a bodybuilding promoter and not a scholar of anything.

if that is the case, then that alien guy know more than most archeologists / astrologers and anthropologists, the writing in the posts shows the mainstream view, what science accepts, the videos show what these cultures and civilisations believed and how they lived.. even if the alien guy was a body builder.. how about all the reputable people on the show?

have you ever researched any of their works? i been checking hancock since before 2000, he is over 50 now, been doing this shit for over 30 years. he is very very well respected, EVEN by mainstream archeologists / astrologers and anthropologists,

your point is invalid son.

Originally Posted by STYLE View Post
we are a species with amnesia. something traumatic has blocked our memory of the past. in one of my hypnotherapy sessions, i accessed a past life that was more advanced than 2012. i was in school studying "doorways" which i concluded were stargates.

In principle i agree with this, from what ive learnt, the amnesia is caused by where we are in terms of being in space, how close we are to our sun, what changes are going through the sun, where we are in accordnace to central points of our galaxy/universe..

going through santos bonacci's work, he made me realise, that these cycles (epochs) that humans go through (golden age/bronze etc) are due where we are in the sky..
maybe out binary star needs to be closer to us, for out golden age to occur but by all accounts,, we should be going into the start of a golden age..

but i do agree, many traumatic things have happened to humans, to make them disconnect with themselves, with nature and with the purpose of this reality..

i uploaded this to my facebook yesterday..

what do you see? how do you understand this image??

thoughts are most welcome from all.

and just to put things in a little perspective..

on with the thread!

from brien foerster.. another amazing researcher.. who has mad qualifications (add on fb )

A megalith I missed on my recent trip to Cornwall, England: the Mel-an-tol stone.

One of the lesser known ancient pre-Inca sites near Cusco; House of the Angels.

Another shot of the megalithic House of the Angels near Cusco; off the tourist route and shown to us by Jesus Gamarra.

Classic old photo of Machu Picchu. Sr. Juan Navarro of the Paracas History Museum has the original copy of the picture. And there is only one copy.

Puente de Inca near Mendoza Argentina. Located at 2700 m elevation. Can't figure out how old the structures are though...

Brien Foerster This is Pachacamac, a site revered by Peruvians for perhaps more than 2000 years. It was (is) the home of the "Lord Of The Earthquake," a deity so powerful that the Inca adopted him.

He was an oracle made out of wood, with two faces. When asked a question, he would answer.

The Spanish, finding no gold when they first approached the temple, destroyed the carved image of Pachacamac; only a replica exists today.

The Temple Of The Virgins Of The Sun

View From Temple Of The Sun

On top of Viracochan's Head; great view of Temple of the Condor

View from Ollantaytambo

I wonder what this could be on the side of the mountian? thoughts corpers??

Looking at his Temple, to the left of his head

Brien Foerster These stone structures are all part of the Emperor of Japan's palace in Tokyo. Not only earily like Inca structures, but, like the Inca, he is a "child of the sun."

Same ancient builders? Same pre-Inca culture? Maybe!!!!

Ollantaytambo: Pre Inca Architecture.

fuck is this??? a pyramid??

^^^ The great Condor ^^^

Tambo Machay

Tambo Machay; this water has been continuously running for more than 500 years

The main complex

Lake Titicaca Mysterious Places

Island of the Moon, Titicaca

Chullpa ( funeral tower) near Puno Peru. Notice the exacting stone work.

Sun Gate, Tiwanaku

Cerebral Sanctuary

Cerebral shaped temple, north of Sachsayhuaman

Made 5000 years ago.

Thrones adopted by the Inca

Sapa (high) Inca throne in center.

Virgin of the Sun throne on left, Coya (chief Inca wife) on right

Will post more later,, I was speaking to brien about 3 weeks ago,, he was speaking about going on an tour of south american megalithic structures that are not known,. sounds so tempting.. he is going again in decemeber.. i hope ill be able to go along..

and btw.. the mothafucking aliens dude, is a fucking fag.. out of all the researchers ive chatted to and added facebook, he is the only one to have rejected my request... even reported me to fb for not knowing him. hence i got another fb ban.. lol


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