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Would be surprised if Boston gets blown out in Miami but I do think Miami is gonna get some home cooking. Crowd will be wild. Bench boys will step up. LeBron was on bath salts last night, fucking crazy. No reason to think he won't come out same fire on Saturday. Wade will have a big game too. 30/30 night on tap.
You just can't expect a guy to make 19-26 every game, and he won't next game. The reason LeBron didn't have to expend so much energy is because his jumper kept going in and he was able to settle most of the time instead of dribbling around looking for an opening. If he reverts to form, it's back to the same old grind. I doubt the Celts will let him post up with great position so easily.

But the guy is averaging 31/10/5. Expect those numbers though.

And Wade has got to step the fuck up. Dude is playing like ass. He stepped up in the clutch last year v. the Bulls to hold them off. He's not doing that this year. It's cool if you suck for 2-3 quarters b/c Bron can carry the load. But at least be Superman in the 4th and win the game.

Expect Boston's best punch tomorrow night. But Stern isn't going to allow Boston to win this, I'll be shocked if they pull it off.

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