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thats the difference between a two man show and a TEAM. they took harden out of the game and 3 or 4 other players step up. its lebron or bust for the heat.

wade really hasnt done much to be honset. i think he has a problem being second fiddle on his own team.

Harden only had 5 points on 2-6, OKC was down 13 and still won by 11. I'm very concerned if I'm Miami.

Miami tried to slow the game down, even though they also benefit from a higher-paced contest, and it backfired. Wade's 2012 Playoffs disappearing act also continued, which they can't have. I don't know if his knee is bothering him that much or what, but LeBron has been carrying the Heat and he gets all of the blame when things don't go right for them, which is pretty unfair. OKC also dominated in the paint, as expected. Miami needs to figure out a way to counter that.
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