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Originally Posted by Jordan Michaelz View Post
All I gotta say is Lebron BETTER win, because I don't want to turn on Sports Centre or Fox Sports radio and listen to all the analysists bitch about how or why he couldn't get it done, will he ever get it done, etc etc etc.

The comparisons to Jordan need to stop, and regardless of what anyone says Kobe is the better player hands own, no question. He's got 5 rings, MVP awards, and he's the only guy in modern history to score 81pts in a single game, which Jordan didn't even even if Lebron wins "1" championship, he's got 4 more to go to comapre to Kobe, and 5 more to compare to Jordan.........

That's my thoughts on it at least
kobe, like jordan, magic, bird, and all the other greats, had help. that 81 point game was against a crappy raptor team in a meaningless regular season game. they got knocked out of the first round that year. why? kobe didnt have any help. 3 of those 5 rings were with shaq in his prime and phil jackson as coach. he won his other two once pau gasol came to town and that was after 3 years futility. kobe got knocked out of the first round by the mavs last year and got knocked out of the second round this year by the thunder.

jordan didnt win shit until pippen and phil arrived. he was the best player in the league the second he got there but he constantly lost to better TEAMS.

lebron james is the best player in the league and its not even close. the cavs had the best record in the league the last two years he was there and went into the toilet the second he left. lebron made it to the finals with a GARBAGE team in the cavs.

it seems like he's back in cleveland again with how his team is playing. let lebron do everything while everyone else stands around and watches. if they lose this series it wont be because lebron isnt good enough but because he's all alone again. hell they won game 7 against the celtics because someone other than lebron james decided to play some fucking basketball.
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