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I guess I like the old school breed of fighters the most. To me MMA was all about true fighters going into the cage to hurt and finish people. Now it's athletes with a chess like gameplan who try to out point each other. That's a different discussion though.

BJ Penn - Loved him from the start. His flexiblity and smooth BJJ skills were fun to watch. Kills me to get hyped up for his fights these days because he's much more passive now. I'll be there to watch him fight Rory but won't let myself get too hyped.

Chuck Liddell - Absolutely loved his style. Not only will he knock you the fuck out, if you do take him down he will simply stand right back up. It's crazy how easy he made it look.

Roy Nelson - Been a fan since his IFL days. Just a true fighter who will take a serious beating and keep coming at you trying to knock you out.

Rampage - It's too bad his UFC stint didn't go as I had hoped. Loved him in Pride. His humour, his stand up, his slams, his chain, his howl. Just a great fighter to watch.

Shogun - All I really need to say about him is Pride + soccer kicks. Fuck do I miss Pride.

Kazushi Sakuraba - Another great fighter back in the day. Loved it when he would try to jump onto his opponents face.

Nick Diaz - Was sad to see him leave the UFC the first time around. Loved his fuck everyone attitude and pure desire to fight and beat people up.

Wanderlai - Another one who comes to fight and take your head off.

Henderson - Great all around fighter.

Fedor - Undersized heavyweight who will put you to sleep.

I could keep going and it would mostly be older fighters. There aren't many new guys that I can really get into. Korean Zombie could be on his way to being one of my new favorites.
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