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Originally Posted by kurupt_kw View Post

You got me thinking about old Pride and Bas etc. I always loved that crazy intro lady too. Way better than any Buffer IMO.

Bas is awesome and I would rather listen to him than any other announcer. His stories are hilarious. I used to watch his bouncer training videos for a good laugh once in a while when I was bouncing for a few years.
haha Lenne Hardt


And yea fuck Bruce Buffer, never liked him, never will......I especially hate when he starts pointing and screaming directly into the fighters face........uber ghey XD

Originally Posted by kurupt_kw View Post
I liked Randy but I get what you are saying. I think he did earn a lot of the praise he did but I also think it was magnified due to his story. Old man champion defending his belt against bigger, younger fighters. Society loves a good story and people ate it up. I can't stand shit like America's Got Talent because of this factor. You have some idiot come out and do something horrible or sing with a very average voice but because he has some sob story the crowd and judges jump on his nuts and praise him.

I've been to one UFC and it was when Randy lost his belt to Brock. It was fun but I would have rather seen Hendo vs anyone.

I was onboard with the UFC since 1 when a bunch of us 7th graders got together and ordered the PPV and I've always loved Tank. It was kind of disappointing to me when I saw him in MGM. I guess I always saw him as this huge tank when I was a kid. To stand beside him and tower over him really surprised me. I also ran into Mike Tyson at the Hardrock and it was the same thing. Standing 6'3" I really didn't expect to feel that much bigger than these guys.

It's also funny to see a guy like Thiago Alves up close. If I didn't know who he was and he came at me to fight I would laugh in his face and tell him I don't beat on little guys. The reality is that he would beat the shit out of me with ease.
Used to like Tank, then he got too should see some of his interviews here.......he's fucking weird, and don't like his points of views on the UFC.

^ he's got a bundle of those, dude is off his rocker....Don Frye, Oleg Taktarov, and Marco Ruas were my favs in the old days >

And yea I respect Randy for not only winning the belt, but defending it as well; glad he accomplished what he did at his age, I just don't agree with the hype is all....

yea I know what you mean meeting some of the fighters, I stood beside Wanderlei Silva and couldn't believe I was taller than him when he looks gigantic on TV, as well as Rich Franklin; I was the same size as the dude! But Cain Velasquez is HUGE in person, big BIG fuckin head! lol

Originally Posted by hectis View Post
jon jones

Anderson silva

Dominick Cruz

I think if fedor was in the UFC he would have lost sooner than he did, but he was afraid to join the UFC
^ Surprised Hecctis was the first to say Anderson Silva, I expected every1 to say him. Wasn't a huge fan of him before with his "dipsy doodle" shit, but have come around to really respect him, and really do consider him pd. 4 pd. best fighter.

I hink Fedor would have done okay in UFC. I think he would've beat Randy if they fought, as well as Frank Mir, or Gonzaga but yea I think he'd have lost to Brock or Cain velasquez or Dos Santos 4sure

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