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we aint even using joel and still whooping the thunder ass lmao wait till spo puts secret weapon joel in next game to really clamp down on em.....heat haters on defcon 1 right now tryna figure out whats up
Weren't you guys up 2-1 last year also?

The fact that KD had 5 fouls, and Lebron only had 1 with how physical he was being on KD is a joke. KD and RW only having 6 FT attempts for the amount of contact they take is just too blatant to not point out. Refs are ruining this series by calling ticky-tack fouls on KD like the jab step on Wade which got him an offensive foul...taking the league's best offensive player out of the game.

Honestly, I try so hard to watch each game without bias but the calls heavily favored the Heat this game. Not saying every call favored the Heat but most questionable calls or no-call went to Miami.
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