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Russia has always been the barrier for the western frenzy throughout the history. And Putin as a leader of modern and strong Russia is definitely a thorn in the eye of western empire. They are working very hard in destabilizing Russia with all the paid protesters and media spinning, even though he won on one of the most fair and transparent elections in the recent history. (with all the video survaillance of the voting spots).

China has also huge potential in fighting the hegemony of the USA but they are still very passive.

Bare in mind that authoritarian past, stated in the article (communism) is the product of western thought (import from the west) like nazism, rasicm, slavery, and concentration camps. By that i mean that Russia (along with other eastern european countries, Belorussia, Greece, Serbia...) although belonging to the european civilization are by no means part (nor they want to be) of the western anglo-saxon part of the european civilization.

Throughout history Russia succeded doing what west could never do, and what western countries effectively solved with their inventions like colonialism, slavery and nazism. Creating true multicultural society with Russia as their main ingredient which binds all the etnicites, cultures and religions. They envy the Russia for that and accuse them hypocritically for their lack of human rights and other bullshit but they could never live in multicultural society and had to exterminate and enslave all the ones who were different or of other religion. In simple terms, Russia is doing what west never succeded and understood for more than 1000 years and they can't accept strong Russia as it is.
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