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only way anyone stops them is if Dwight Howard joins the Thunder or the Clippers next season. dont see any other team get close.
OKC doesn't have to make any changes to beat the Heat in the future. If OKC knocks down there free throws, their looking at a 3-1 lead as we speak. Not to mention Harden's chokejob this series took away OKC's 3rd option.

OKC is the more "talented" team, but not necessarily the better team. Miami is the better defensive team, and they have the best all-around player in the league. This Finals experience will make them much stronger, and likely will force Durant to be a better overall player and WB to be a better "playmaker." These guys are 23.

If the Clippers were to get Dwight though, they gotta be the favorites to win it all. CP3, Blake Griffin, and Howard...that's 3 All-Star STARTERS.
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