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Scientists look at the magnitude of devestation
But the strands of heavy metal seem to have no relation
But as always attention for large scale disasters
Of course the instrumental spins a hundred times faster
Many was taken, just at the price of a pawn
The collective loss has left a thousand to mourn

wu tang call themselves secientists cuz theyre knowledgeable. the devastation could b a lot of things. theres many ways 2 look at it.

i always thought the second and 4th lines were conncted. 'heavy metal' and 'instrumental'. i thought it was a reference to the genre of music 'heavy metal' which was sampled in the instrumental. also 'heavy metal' would b a good choice cuz its usually seen as a chaotic form of music and lots of chaos is going on in these lines. but someone else talked about it being metal plates hich would also make sense

the last 2 lines basicly mean many were taken for a small amount and this made many people mourn. also the track is called 'advance pawns' and i thought it was reference to wu tang when they began as just simple pawns in rap but then they took over everything and caused chaos like this song.

these lyrics r also similiar 2 lyrics in uncut material

'The nucleus of hip hop, rap's hallmark
They had a citywide effort to keep us in the dark
To the new details, distant wisp of light
Evidence of a terrifying threats on microphone
Rhyme stone, numerous parts combine
Strands of heavy metal form the steel arch design
Fit together seamlessly, everlasting rap'

there were references 2 'uncut material' lyrics throughout 'advance pawns'.

EDIT:also the strands of heavy metal having no relation gives the impression that its new or cant b comprehended or unpredictable
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