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everyone is gonna upgrade. including the heat. confidence is a motherucker. they got the monkey off their back by winning this one.
Miami will have to upgrade in confidence more than their roster cause...they simply don't have the cap space.

Barring injuries though, Miami will be there again. The East is so pathetically weak that it's not even funny. DRose won't be back until late next year, if at all. And they still have no offense. NYK is never going to be a contender with Melo as their #1. Indy may have a shot, but if George becomes a true star, a big if. And Boston remains a question mark at the moment.

In the West, the only scenarios are if:
1)Dwill goes to Dallas.
2)BG takes his game to another level, which will elevate the Clips to contender status.

Lakers and Spurs are too old. So as of RIGHT NOW, I say it's Heat v. OKC again. And it will be even more exciting. Durant/WB will be better. Lebron will be better. This is the new rivalry.

Originally Posted by THE W View Post
the heat did to the thunder what the thun they shot them out of the series.
Agreed. This is exactly why I thought OKC would win it because they were the superior 3pt shooting team. I would've never thought Miami could shoot lights out in the Finals considering how poorly they shot from downtown the previous 3 series.

The Heat struggle v. teams that play discipline ball, defense, and rebound. That's why they (esp. Lebron) usually struggles v. Boston. OKC plays perfectly into the Heat's hands. Loves to run, loves to iso, loves to get quick offense. Miami's D feasts off of that. It was just the perfect matchup. OKC will learn from this.
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