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just a few things i like to see happen with NCAA football:

-no automatic bids for the ACC and big east

hell, i think these conferences, along with all the other conferences besides the big 4(big10, pac12, big?, and SEC) should be demoted to D2 while taking the good teams( boise st, TCU, miami, WVU etc) and putting them in one of the big 4. there are too many conferences and way too many teams in D1 and they dont play each other enough which make it impossible to determine who the most deserving team is.

but thats just wishful thinking. i dont think not giving autobids to those pathetic conferences is too much to ask though.

-do away with preseason rankings

a team should not be ranked for the current season based on what they did last year. thats just stupid. they should wait a few weaks before ranking. teams that have a great year in the current year end up having to make up too much ground for a chance at a title because of a preseason ranking based on last year's output.

-no more D2 opponents

the "pitter-padder" of scheduling D2 schools needs to come to an end. all D1 teams must schedule D1 opponents. you'll see a whole lot less undefeated season if that happens but you'll get a whole lot more compelling matchups throughout the season as it will force more D1 inter-coference play.

just my bronze lincolns
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