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I don't get what WWE's plan is........

I personally stopped watching it after Chris Benoit died, and Jon Cena became unbeatable.....

but seriously, WWE's demograph has changed for the worse since the Attitude era died out, and I'm sorry but bringing back The Rock, Brock Lesnar, etc

having guest appearances by Bret Hart, Big Van Vader, and Sid Vicious isn't going to save them in the ratings.

The fact that WWE has fallen off hard, and has Stephanie McMahon as head-writer (stand to be corrected on that fact) is the reason it has gone down the shitter the way it has.

I mean look at the new up-and-comers, they all look like a bunch of broke ass backstreet boys on steroids, with clean cuts and speedo's; the day where you'd get a guy like Rob Van Damme or a Kurt Angle appears to be nil. With the exceptions of Randy Orton, CM Punk, or Sheamus, the rest of the WWE roster looks fucking whack.

And what happened to decent tag teams? I mean the gimmicks they've come up with within the last decade have been shit. I miss the days where you had the Road Warriors, Demolition, Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat, Dudley Boyz, and the New Age Outlawz.

Those TLC matches with Edge & Christian vs 3d and the Hardyz were stellar, way better than any match they can come up with nowadays.

And wtf happened to Hell in a Cell? I heard the last one they didn't even get out of the ring, wtf was the point? Just make it a cage match 4 christ sakes......

Wrestling has frustrated the shit out of me, and with the huge emergence of UFC, it's difficult to go back and look at it the same way.

I know I went every which way there, but damn I am just so disappointed with WWE.....

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