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Originally Posted by Shadow Demon View Post
because uk needs to keep up appearances...prestige is everything for a nation states government....and it can have empirical consequences as well

if the beijing olympics were a complete sham there would have been less investment into china.

it doesnt matter to the uk about whether it damages british lives or not

btw i agree on some of your views, and there needs to better taxation system so people are taxed appropriately and so there is better income distribution (which is empirically linked to a happier population overall)

people also deserve better education opp's

but a substantial amount of those 30% in poverty- are lazy good for nothing faggots who come from families known for not being employed for god knows how long. theres a substantial amount of brits right know content not to do anything productive, who want everything but dont want to work for it, and have a crisis of honour and morality (i.e. the mindless fags who participated in the UK riots for no reason apart form wanting new Nike's or Xbox 360- only a minority were rioting for political reasosn)

also the better the infrasturucte: roads, the faster the trains and so forth, then the ^in people getting to work on time = ^ in productivity and profit for corps who often then employ more people.

the faster and reliable transport the easier and &^ goods arriving on time.

this is how a capitalist society functions. (and im not portrayng corporations as honourable entitities)
Thankyou for a well thought-out reply

We are not in a capitalist society, we are in a plutocracy, in an oligarchy, or in corporatism/cartelism.

these corporations have been given the same rights as a living person, but yet through all the evil and injustice they bring, no corporation is ever held accountable.

We do not live in a fair system

Do you know what taxes are? taxes do not go to pay for services. they goto service the debt we have, most likely current taxes are paying for shit that this country did between 8 and 12 years ago..

taxes are nothing to do with the current years services; that are provided, ie police/hospital/firebrigade,

I feel what you saying about those underprivaldged who are on the dole, what do their role models do? ie. what did the british govt do, go iinto iraq/afghanistan/libyia even tho they was all 'illegal wars' they rape and pillage in other lands, bringing home the glory..

blair has lied so many times. and has been caught out, yet he is rewarded as a peace envoy to the middle east..

the mindset of the 'rioters' i see the same as the elite. they want everything. no matter how they can have it. they want. if its by force.. then why not? if those who you are supposed to look upto in society can rape other countries.. why cant people under the poverty line, steal to survive??

governments needs to be abolished, until they actually represent and begin to care for the people of their nations.
Everything is about making pointless fractional lending,. debt based lending. the bank of england could print its own interest free cash., and sort everything out, but it doesnt.

Teh banking system is so illegal. they can make money out of thin air, which they charge interest on.. lol

Their are no production/manufacturing/engineering jobs in the uk. they have been moved to the far east., where they can hire slave labourers who work 18 hour shifts, then commit suicide,..
aslong as that dont get into the western news they're happy..

Going by the EU charter.. THE UK is a TOURIST ECONOMY,

hence why the other jobs have been taken out the system..

their was investment in china. due to them having a huge work force,

those same corporations who should be employing people in the west, at a reasonable rate of pay, know they can make more profit, and work their workers even harder, for lil pay. no breaks..

while everyone in the west supports this slave trade..


humanity is a parasite on its self.
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