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Originally Posted by MosHigh View Post
poof...pow how you like me now
ol' coon that jab a goon just to pop their balloon
im so like wow... you kids are like puppy chow
big dawg maul those who got the gaul to say "yes, yes y'all"
without acknowledging the Mos and bow...
clown around for awhile but let me get wit the proflic
spliff lit so i what i spit be too cosmic to get
out cha frame i remain just letting my thang hang
man the rhymes i script would rip a paperclip...

nw - toenail

When slashing ure throat fails,
flowz pushin the ghost sails,
broke teeth,stuck meat,a portion of entrails....
Alpha beta stale bitches that ferral for wholesale,
and leave a bloody nose cavity battery,juss follow tha coke trails.....
,Arch Preist gave em a blessing,contesting the old sales,
while tha pope leanz on dope,christs corroded on 3 nailz,..
Impale ure loathing for death when I open the spectrum for sieg hailz,
ure weak flail gets extingushed,deminished by hope failed,.....

Next Weapon---Antlerz

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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