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Originally Posted by ArcherPriest View Post
black vans 'n camo drab..
on some A team shit with the rambo mags
get'cha fuckin spleen split with a sambo jab
save clips for the ammo stash
duck cover, 'for slugs push some fucks upward
its your last meal with Christ, swine supper
verbal casings disperse as we hurdle paving
shits be piercing as screams of an urkel raping
stay chiefin that purple daily
we maxin..
waxin bitches, fracture ass ends
kidnappin em slapped in the van when class ends
bitch get yo ass in!
a sad story..
they found the bitch maad gory
out in fields she was burried in bags poorly
so coyotes was passin 'n tracked shorty
smellin' scents..
hellish stench, teeth bloody 'n nails were drenched
as the whole pack ravished entrails 'n flesh
they sent her to hell a mess..

sent her to hell a mess,more than devilish,thoughts brought by loaded magnum,these bitches beggin for hollow tipz,never the less,injest relish the best..,,Underground MCZ that split ya frame insane,,and choke out ya breath,2012 son..will fuckin beat u 2 death,cardiac arrest in ya chest,beleve me,Roman exorsisms dont even take THIS much finesse,ITZ OVER sent back in time universal rhyme soldiers,..shapeshift this makeshift reality sober,the overloader,circut busting electrical volter,polevaulting axes in ya grill for extra london olympic exposure,so laugh at the past,n cry to the future,chained in Priests basment is ure placement untill its time to induce ya,seduce ya with eyes that drift from innocents to rape an polute ya,u get what u give and a worthless shell perfectly suits ya...

"We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"
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