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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

Baza is a half cast nigga
Tatties are potatoes, your a wigga
Leccy is electricity, eccies are xtc
Your scottish ways will never get the best of me
What you gonna do? Your genetics are weak
When you see me in the streets you better not speak
Fit Slag is scottish for a fine ass hoe
Scottish people can barely pronounce english so how you gonna attempt to flow?
Mellow'd Elements sounds like you smoking some shitty hash
Grant and Steve took Human Growth Hormone and got some massive ass heads
I appreciate Niggaz like animals, watching patiently for them to die like a vulture
Drinking and watching fitty (football) is Scottish culture
how come niggaz today are small? nigga believe me
it went from Onyx, DMX to punny nig nogs like weezy
niggas aint black no more they american
british niggas dont compare either, listen to this veteran
my poetry speaks for itself
three 6 mafia whooping wu tang into ill health
Beat Em to the Floor and put Dre in the coffin
the game aint fair, tons of niggaz i be droppin'

You don't know what just happened
You sufferin' from a facture

I'mma whoop this nigga, i'm a whoop this nigga (9th prince)
i'm take him outside click click BOOM with the trigga
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