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yo Suzzers mate told him to take Antipsychotics while on eccies
He was suffering for 3 days hiding under a table fearing for his life, ya get me?
Jocky Mclane is one cool scottish DJ pressing play on a cd player
letting the cd play out for the whole time, say your prayers
"the King isn't Born he is Made"

yeah nigga i'm tearin' up this forum right about now

every body throw your hands in the air like you just don't care!

yo yo
how stupid do scottish words sound to you?
do you think in a past life these niggaz were gassed as jews?
i reckon hitler designed Zyklon-B to take out your body, mind and they soul
Nigga i'm blacker than coal, like Andy (the owner of the Dragon chinese restaurant in Brechin)

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