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niggaz can't even tell the illuminati have drained they soul
i mean lil weezy you gon' fuck tha world? that's bold
theres no african americans anymore theres just black skinned yanks
your just as bad as british niggaz only concerned with taking money to the bank
why cant you see whats going on around you nigga?
david icke sucks but at least he knows the picture is bigga
decapitating 2 monkeys heads and swapping them around
and calling that science? hell is where your soul is bound
those monkeys died 1 week later when the body rejected the head
and now scientists think they gon' 'hack' into stephen hawkings head?
your one fucked up ugly mongol
scientists claim AI can replicate the functions of the human brain
all you know is the left side of the brain, are you insane?
you think creativity is like a drug?
jay-z your one bad ass faggot you aint no thug
you probably see the right side of the brain like junk dna
something we don't need, nigga you gettin played

my freestyles are the illest son!

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