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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

movies today were made with no inspiration
so why is it that TV is still watched by the entire nation?
bruce lee and real martial arts replaced with MMA
bubbles is now the new thing in britain, not MDMA
hip hop replaced with lil wayne
dubstep taking over is such a pain
Microsoft making consoles with nothing to excite us
Xbox 720 is the 360 with twice as good graphics, nintendo askin' why did they bite us
but the didn't fight back, they are wack
humanity is doomed, so dont twist the facts
the scientists think humans need microchips to enhance the brain
wait.. are you insane?
why do you think evolution stopped with homosapiens?
and we need microchips and space ships on this planet we're stayin' in?
fuck the earth like weezy said and flee to another atmosphere
why is everyone so filled with fear?
Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this bitch
Let's start a motherfuckin' riot in this hoe

yo KRS ONE bigged up lil wayne
thats insane, you aint spiritual you big nosed gay
wu tang doing dubstep yeah thats clever
raekwon your skin aint tough like leather, you look under the weather
your an old cunt with no hope for the future
you probably see your brain like scientists... a computer

yo everyone is dull as fck to me

the illuminati want law and order
microchips, survellience but i pass on that offer
they already drugged me but still i see through the veil
get the fuck on your bullshit space ship and let it sail
hide in your underground bunkers and fucking leave us alone
real humanity is coming home

your afraid of the magnificent changes we're going through
get out, your through
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