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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

the truth is
for the illuminati's next stage of their plan to work correctly
they must become visible to he public, ya get me?
if you dont believe me ask david icke
so what do you think the next stage of their plan is, like?
but do you think 2012 is the dawn of a new era
a time to lift the veil on this terror prove Ahmed can whoop rza
and to prove something big to gza
like science is too static
when everything raises its frequency your old methods will seem quite tragic
and whats up with people thinking a ufo is coming to save them
they say it'll happen in france, i hate them
david ickes forum is full of mental illness
but i researched the truth for you like little gems hidden in dirt, i kill this
david icke is so wrong but at least he sees the bigger picture
when i'm done i want my own shrine, temple and ill be in the scriptures

yeah son
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