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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

every time i go outside for a cigarette i see worms on the path
i wish i could get a ladder and climb on the roof to give the baby seagulls a snack
i see wu-tang clan as rich domesticated niggaz
in my line of work its best to hate niggaz
imagine the mexican drug cartel brought me in
and gave me a gun showed me the hostage and told me to kill him
i'd act like a shy guy and ask this one question
"can i use more than one bullet" to test him
imagine me punching the fucking hostage
and whispering in his ear "imagine a dinosaur in a little cottage"
then shooting him in the leg and asking him to dance
the ginger fucking wanker wishing he was saved by that flying saucer in france

rhyming is a drug and dr blake cant stop me from smoking it
tobacco gets me in altered states of consciousness, but not as good as coke and shit
they say i cant drink alcohol either so the police monitor me
as well as satellites in the sky and they think they get the best of me?
nigga i'm high on rhyming words
i know it sounds absurd
when dr blake dies he's gonna come back as a turd
mark my words, he's a twat like 'gangsters' in glasgow
your a retarded asshole, in monopoly you can't pass go

i'm on a freestyle rhymin' tip today

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