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Originally Posted by check two View Post
Heavy Rain

Not sure if it'd be my style, I was never a fan of the "Silent Hill" -style of games.

Originally Posted by SURLY DUFF View Post
You ever played Devil May Cry?

Shit is ill.

Capcom is doing a remastering of the first three DMCs since there's a re-boot to the series coming soon.

But that just looks like it's gonna piss a lot of people off, fuckin' noob developers touchin' shit.

I don't know if the remastered joint is out yet, I haven't been paying attention to release dates.
Played the first 2, and just couldn't get into it.....I can't remember if I payed the 3rd one.....

Originally Posted by Shadow Demon View Post
Dragon Age?

D2 was average but still good

great games,

mass effect series

Mass Effect looks interesting, that's a possibility, as for anything medieval/world of warcraft style of games, I've never gotten into them....

Originally Posted by RagnaroK View Post
Castlevania Lord of Shadows is a great game with similar gameplay as God of War with a really good story and incredible twist at the end. The second game of this reboot will be release next year, also a Nintendo DS counterpart is in the works.
The last Castlevania I played and "liked" was Symphony of the Night, Castlevania has been off the radar for me for a long time.

I'll revise my initial question:

1) I'm looking for solely PS3 games

2) A better idea of what kind of game I'm looking for, ca relate to the following sereis and styles of games I want to play:

- God of War
- Hitman (played all of them from the first one to Blood Money; have yet to play any PS3 Hitman games.....that is, if there's any released yet)
- Assassins Creed (haven't playd any of them)
- Metal gear Solid
- Uncharted (never played any of them)
- Kane & Lynch (haven't played any of them)
- Max Payne (Played only the first 2)
- Splinter Cell (haven't played any of them)
- Resistance (only played the first 2)
- InFamous (haven't played any of them)
- Batman: Arkham series (haven't played any of them)

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