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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

Yeah Son!

one time outside ahmeds pizza shop a guy got jumped by 3 guys
so ahmed ran outside and saved his life
he easily whooped these 3 scottish fags
ahmed is highly trained in martial arts
me and ahmed know we can whoop any scottish man
all scottish people have a bulky frame
slow and lame, they think are the same
as us, but there genetics are scottish
neil edmonds tried to cheat this with steroids but he's rubbish
listen to me the real rhyme editor
britain has more obese people than america
no one in scotland but ahmed is above me
not only are scottish people weak they are ugly
they think their scottish words are cool
thinking they aint inferior to england and even they are fools
dr blake tried to give me as much medication as possible
to slow me down, but my strength is official
i think about all my enemies as much as the satellites beam trash talk into my head
can't wait to get off my medication and smoke some crack instead (to be like dmx)
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