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sometimes i secretly wish people would be racist to Saj
and start on him so i can hard body some racist scottish fags
these scottish football hooligans are the worst
in this evolutionary race you know i'm coming out first

my ouija board tells me that 2012 is here
that cracks are already forming and people are in fear
and the illuminati are ready to step into the light with a solution
to all the unrest and confusion

the operators of the satellites are sick in the head
sat behind a pc sending fucked up messages to targets all day all the time
they really fucked up in life
slappin a dog in the face actin' like it wont bite

2012 is here and yet no one is prepared
The government are trying to cover everything up cus they scared
Slowly finding out their ways are shrouded in evil
Yet they cannot admit this to the people
The government used Derrin Brown to discredit psychics
Derrin Brown must be one dumb fuck

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