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Why in school did Craig Cameron get called Spaceman?
Why do i see evolution as a race man?
In school i used to speak to Alan Fraser
then on friday night on Channel Four it was Ellen then Fraiser
Is that a meaningful coincidence? clear cut with a razor?
Ellen Fraiser, Alan Fraser?
I sometimes see Craig's soul to be like mine
An extra-terrestrial living on earth in these interesting times
A few aliens seeded on earth with the potential to fuck up human life
To obliterate the bible and science at the exact same time
In school Craig used to walk along white chalked lines
In the playground and enter invisible spaceship doors at times
And make the sound effects, this was before i knew beatboxing
Craig was probably trying to avoid invisible alien toxins
Most of the humans can't accept i'm Extra-Terrestrial with powers
I'm also Powdered Toastman, the superhero of the hour
If i had one thing to say to Craig i'd say it with force
Smoke up some Salvia and return to the source

Today i woke up early, but i feel refreshed
I feeel good right now cus i've just had rest
But soon the satellites will blast me again
Cus They really don't like me talking about them

Your plan has failed, get the fuck back in your underground bunkers!
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