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With this acquisition, Lakers went from being a 5-6 seed to getting everyone's attention. IMO, OKC will clearly be better. The Clippers, Grizzlies and Spurs might also be better. If the Lakers don't add a decent backup to Nash and some legit depth, they will have a hard time contending. Steve Blake and Josh McRoberts as 6th/7th men just don't measure up. Grant Hill could help but they would be too old on the perimeter. I remember one play late in the season where Kobe blew by Grant Hill like he was standing still (and Kobe wasn't blowing by anybody late in the season).

Starting next season, Kobe will be 34, Nash 38, Pau 32, Artest 33, Blake 32. (Grant Hill is 39 and he slipped badly last season. Not much tread left on tire). Everything will have to go right for them to slog through 82 games and be at their best for 4 playoffs series.
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