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Originally Posted by RADIOACTIVE MAN View Post
Yea I had to state my mind on that..the shits getting crazy..I'll explain why this pic was edited..the first time dlah did this..he put up the pic with RZA on it and people were going off on RZA calling him a faggot,gay etc and dude just chilled and let it didn't take an hour for me to get calls from affiliates and shit asking if I knew dlah's whereabouts and how to find him, let me say this, a lotta dudes since have had a bad taste in their mouth about this shit, I even told his people's after I made a thread telling them all,I lost respect for them all And I won't no association with em whatsoever, 7 sign, really class act dude, called me up and I told him, yo..this shit is pissing off a ton of people, and I personally am tired of being called about these shenanigans all the time, im sure 7th sign went back and let him know what it is, look,imma say this, I have no issue with dlah whatsoever anymore but he needs to really be careful with this move, this shit is not gonna end well for him, he has no idea what kinda shit storm he is creating, he makes it even worse by tagging wu affiliates to this like they gonna ride with this shit, meanwhile a lotta dudes have already told me how ugly it's gonna get when they run into him. You cannot diss a dude that feeds their babies..put a compromising pic on him online for cats to call him all kinds of fags and homo's and not expect a rebuttal from his team.I personally have told them affiliates and generals alike when we build..I want no
Art of this..I'm focused on what I'm doing and that's that but yea, I know what I know and I did my part by building with his people and warning him about his actions, would have been better if he just left it all alone but thinking that editing RZA out of those pics will make dudes back off is a dismal early as yesterday dudes let me know they ain't forgot his blatant disrespect of RZA and then gonna see him..I'll leave it there
Props for this I'd rep u if I could

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