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(Voice 2 Skull: That term sounds fake but its what they seem to call it)
*All da Mind Control websites i read seem dodgy but most of the symptoms they post match with mine*

Lemme spit this rhyme

All my own thoughts are Erased
and Replaced by a woman reading them out
And when i try to ignore it I also
Get a mans voice inserting stupid shit thats wack
I wish La-Cinderella was back
But they pushed her off to the side
These foolish humans use Voice 2 Skull to
Insert voices into my head so i take them for a ride
If La-Cinderella was here i'd either be
thinkin' of killin niggaz or she'd be askin'
to watch Pink Panther
but shes not there, there's no Answer
it's government agents inserting voices all da time
they project them using supposedly advanced satellites
my muscles all ache so i can't
Get no satisfaction by creating a funky dance

Am i a madman or a patient
Or do i have the capability to be some sort of agent
All these attacks on me make me think only one thing
Humanity is sick, turning extra-terrestrial guaranteed my win

When La-Cinderella said weird shit to me
I passed it off as her being a monster, ha
But what excuse do humans have? You gotta laugh

Most humans are happy, they wanna party
But they don't know what's going on around them
If animals did this they'd sure as hell die
Evolution for Survival, open your eyes

Satellite technology built for destructive needs
Learning about the human brain for the purpose of creating Dis-Ease

All in all i'm not complaining
All these attacks are just helping me train my brain and
While it's annoying having to filter out they
thoughts from mine
If they weren't here, i wouldn't be writing this rhyme

When i listen to music, they abuse it
They make appear a figure in my imagination
doing an annoying dance to it

Half of todays humans walk around in sleep mode
The government don't like visionaries they want to delete those

Evolution for survival
The way to win is to make your countries government your rival
Take to the streets, post up your thoughts
Communicate with others, like-minded, and find out the truth

Yo that's the end of this spit. Now the satellites will blast me for posting it
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