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Big Baby Jesus 666
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Big Baby Jesus 666 shaolin monk

Scottish people have frames that are bulky aka boxy
So the chi energy don't flow, my rhymes are toxic
AI can only mimick the left brain which is logic
While i travel in my imagination to other worlds on a comet
Why does todays music get alotta-appraise
When most of is it made in methodical-ways
2012 is here, so watch the way your time is spent
it's a big change, not an event

I tried to convince Kenny to use Onomatopia in his beatbox
Then he'd not only have the illest percussions, but he'd spit heatrocks
Shamans use this when they sing to the spirits
Words hold certain powers, you hear it in my lyrics
Who's the best at beatboxing? Kenny Sean & Ra
Fresher than weed stored in a glass jar
I clown around with sound that's bound to move you
And spit the funky shit that people wanna groove to

iLL x 10 son!
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