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Default Shamanic Reading For Dr Blake

Dear Roger,

My diagnosis is your chi energy doesnt flow
You can't be that alive as your chakras are closed
If you smoked weed it wouldnt open your mind
In the psychic realm you're practically walking around blind
On weed you'd have a panic attack and claim the evil 'Skunk' did that
But its not the weed and thats a fact
and you cant beat that with a stick or bat
All in all your personality is FAT
I reckon you suffer from mind control thats a probability
Cus you sure as hell have no creative ability
So you're prone to feel mad when i enter the room
The EMF from the routers did that and i know your doomed
Your medication merely works on the Seratonin and Dopamine
But as i've already mastered the 8 circuits theres no stopping me
You may as well admit i'm Extra-Terrestrial
At my level of intelligence i get to do anything cus i can't fail
You are slowly opening your mind to 2012 whether you like it or not
I'm beyond human, you're still a robot
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